2018 Defensive Player of the Year: Southwest DeKalb’s Josh Tate

DeKalb – Southwest DeKalb’s talent sign was on all season as the program reaped more honors this year.

ReporterDarius hit the streets to find linebacker Josh Tate, who was often overlooked in the defense until he made a big play, wasn’t such a stranger to people.

Get to know what this talented linebacker said about the honor from DeKalb Recruits.

ReporterDarius: You were named the 2018 DPOY by DeKalb Recruits this week. How’s that honor felt?

Josh Tate: It feels great. I just want to thank God and everybody who helped me become the player I am today.

RD: Impressive season for you, describe it for us.

JT: I would say I had a great season but it’s always something to work on.

RD: When you were going through the season, what was your driving force?

JT: When I was going through the season my driving force was to prove all the people that doubted me wrong.

RD: If you could name the season, what would you name it?

JT: A foundation season. I feel like we put our school back on the map and helped the upcoming classes.

RD: What did you change to get 21 sacks this year?

JT: I changed my game by working hard and being more focused.

RD: What’s next for you?

JT: I hope to play college football.

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