2018 DeKalb Recruits Running Back of the Year: Cedar Grove’s Robert Jones III

ELLENWOOD – The season is winding down but the honors are still pouring in for Cedar Grove athletes and Robert Jones III is no exception to the mix.

RJIII has rushed the ball 90 times in 12 games for 903 yards, a 10.0 average with 10 touchdowns as well this season.

ReporterDarius.com caught up with the talented rusher that’s still in the middle of his season.

ReporterDarius: You were named 2018 Running back of the Year by DeKalb Recruits this year. How’s that honor felt?

Robert Jones III: This honor felt great and I’m blessed for this opportunity. I worked so hard for this

RD: An impressive season for you, describe it for us.

RJIII: This season has been very smooth and outstanding. There were ups and downs but as I continued to push it’s been getting better and better definitely have to thank my OL for all the hard work they put in for me to get the success I have.

RD: When you were going through the season, what was your driving force?

RJIII: My driving force was for all the people that doubted me and did not believe in me was to prove them all wrong.

RD: If you could name the season, what would you name it?

RJIII: Do it for Trey.

What did you change to get better from last year?

RJIII: I changed my mindset and my work ethic. I went to a whole different grind mode.

RD: What’s next for you?

RJIII: What’s next for me is finishing the season out strong and winning state and graduating from high school and plan on continuing my football career at Navy and majoring in sports medicine.

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