2018 Punter of the Year: Arabia Mountain’s Hasani Comer

DeKALB – Continuing on with DeKalb Recruits’ player of the year honors on ReporterDarius.com, a position that is often forgotten about until they’re needed is the punter role.

Arabia Mountain’s Hasani Comer earned the honor of being named the 2018 Punter of the Year by DeKalb Recruits. Comer’s season was cut short however in week five of the season.

Comer chronicled the season in the question and answer segment with ReporterDarius.

ReporterDarius: You were named the 2018 Punter Of the Year by DeKalb Recruits this week. How’s that honor felt?

Hasani Comer: All glory to God, I am very excited to receive this honor. I feel blessed to be named the 2018 Punter of the Year by DeKalb Recruits.

RD: It was an Impressive season for you, describe it for us.

HC: Thank you for the compliment. It was a lot of hard work and self-determination. This is my senior year in high school, I decided that I wanted to perfect my punting and kicking skills. For the past three years, I have always been a two-sport student-athlete playing football in the fall, as a linebacker, and soccer in the spring. During the summer, I attended punting and kicking camps at Kicking World and Cedric Oglesby Kicking Academy. They helped me develop my fundamentals and perfect my punting and kicking form. Working hard at both sports paid off during this season. I put in work days and nights, every day of the summer walking to North Deshon Park and punting. Using different things, I’ve learned to perfect my technique. My teammates did a great job always blocking for me during punts. I am thankful that I was able to accomplish my goal.

RD: When you were going through the season, what was your driving force?

HC: I’ve always just wanted to do my best for my team and always wanted to put Arabia in the best field position when I punted. Also, I’ve always tried to a leader as well as a responsible team player. My senior teammates and I have been playing together since our freshman year at Arabia. Having the best season for our team is what we all wanted to do. We were told that the class of 2019 had the most wins of any class at Arabia Mountain High. I was driven by determination and the expectation that I set for myself to be the best that I could be at my position. Unfortunately in my fifth game of the season, versus Miller Grove, I was injured. I had to get surgery on both my torn left ACL and LCL after game five. I started linebacker and punter at that game. When I made a tackle during the game in the rain, I slid and felt a big pop in my left leg. Again, I wanted to be a team player, and I was chosen as a captain for that game, so I was ready and glad to fill in as a LB. After the injury, the news of needed surgery really devastated me because playing sports was over for the remainder of my high school senior year. I really enjoyed playing with my fellow teammates and I felt that I had let everybody down. However, everybody has rallied around me and provided me with great support. From that game, I’m blessed to have been able to set the punting average bar high and maintain my No. 1 average status since the beginning of the season. I am truly thankful for the support of my family and teammates for believing in me.

RD: What did you change to improve your game throughout the season?

HC: Throughout the season, I gained more confidence and continued to work hard on different skills and forms to help with my momentum. Thankfully, my practice and hard work paid off.

RD: What’s next for you?
HC: I am feeling really blessed right now to end my high school football career with the honor of being named DeKalb Recruits 2018 P/K of the Year and First Team all-region punter. At the same time, I am having mixed emotions as a 2019 graduating senior and I will miss playing sports at Arabia Mountain High. This experience has taught me not to take anything for granted but always appreciate the opportunity to do your best at the start. What’s next for me you ask, I am excited that the next chapter can be playing sports at a college or university after graduation from high school. I am putting the same hard work and energy into my rehabilitation as I did into working to develop my punting skills. I look forward to the opportunity to be a team player and will bring my same hard work, dedication, determination, and skills at the next level.

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