2018 Sleeper of the Year: M.L.King’s Jaden Wilkins

DeKalb – Sleeper players often are just that, a player that is the forgotten pin to a program.

This year, that honor landed with Jaden Wilkins of the M.L.King Lions program. DeKalb Recruits found his talent, and ReporterDarius caught up with the athlete who was slept on the most this season.

ReporterDarius: You were named the 2018 Sleeper by DeKalb Recruits this week. How’s that honor felt?

Jaden Wilkins: I was shocked. I really thought nobody would ever know my name I appreciate it.

RD: Impressive season for you, describe it for us.

JW: Secondly, the season didn’t go as I quite planned it would. I missed a couple practices and went harder the next day.

RD: When you were going through the season, what was your driving force?

JW: To be No. 1. Nothing less. I had to make a mark for my own to success.

RD: What did you change to improve your game throughout the season?

JW: Talking to my coach and just listening to what he was telling me. It really changed the way I go about things as a young man.

RD: What’s next for you?

JW: To get bigger and become a starter in college and still let the people know who I am.

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