Feature: Chayce Sanders Southwest DeKalb Volleyball

DECATUR-  Nets are up and the balls are flying across the court as DeKalb reveals another rising star.

Who is Chayce Sanders? Sanders is a senior volleyball player for Southwest DeKalb High School. As a returning member of the team, Sanders is a dedicated middle hitter averaging 3.5 kills per game.

Sanders might have missed a game early in the season but ever since she hasn’t missed a beat. Her stats show that from August 10th to September 13th, she has made 12 aces, 71 kills, 15 blocks, and 19 digs in her total of 20 games.

“This year is different because we all have a strong connection. We are all dedicated to the game and see each other no higher or lower than the next player,” Sanders said of her team. “We also have great communication skills and much more positivity which pushes us to win.”

More than just a volleyball athlete, Sanders is also a cheerleader and a gymnast who has a love for seafood.

As a senior preparing for graduation, she has her sights set on going into the Navy or National Coast Guard and then college afterward.

With the grade point average of 3.0, Chayce is thinking about studying Sports Medicine at either Florida A&M University or North Carolina A&T University. No such a surprise since her favorite subject is Physics.



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