Anime Review Time. This is my personal review, not a professional one. When it comes to anime I am what you might call a novice, so, please excuse me for my ignorance.

Hayate the Combat Bulter is the current anime I am ingrossed with as I am only 21 episodes in. At the start of this anime, Hayate, the main character, is shown getting fired from his job because he is not an adult. His problems become more complex when the viewers find out that Hayate has been working since a young age because his parents have a serve gambling problems. This young boy then is put to the test between his morals and the realities of the world to continue to survive when he finds out that his parents sold him to a loan shark as a repayment plan for the massive amount of debt they have accumulated.

So far, I am enjoying the comedy and out of the box thinking to how a young boy got out of debt with a loan shark and became a butler to a young heiress. This anime has 52 episodes more like 104 because each episode has two parts. (Correction this series has many more seasons)

I could tell you more but I would prefer for you to get a chance to watch it yourself.  Hayate the Combat Butler is apart of their HiDive Chanel on VRV, the site/app I am currently using to watch it.


Written by Marbeth Cheathem

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