Basketball gamers rejoice, NBA2K20 releases with WNBA standard

When it comes to NBA games, 2K really takes the cake this time with NBA2K20. If you’re a diehard gamer, this version will fulfill everything you want.

Weight of Game

First things first, if you’re a gamer who hasn’t invested in an external hard drive, you may need to consider it. The weight of 2K20 on PlayStation 4 will be very hefty at 73.45 GB, give or take. It’s a huge step from the 58.0 gigs gamers coughed up for 2K19. What may be a factor to the games’ size is the fact that 2K20 has a new feature that we will touch on here.

Official NBA 2K20 load screen featuring NBA and WNBA teams

If you’re a new gamer who is coming through the 2K franchise for a quick peek, then look no further. From the outset, the tutorial shoot-around has Golden State as your partner once again, but for me, I struggled at 2K17 and 2K19 in the past in this part of the game.

No shame in my game, I’d make close to four shots out of 10 but this time, the shooting felt more fluid than in years past and effectively, posted 8 out of 10 shots. That’s just the tutorial while I waited for the game to finish copying game files.


NBA2K20 is another step in the right direction with their in-game soundtrack. Just like the games before, expect a number of good songs to vibe to when playing through the menus.

WNBA comes standard

It was always a question of how the WNBA would be incorporated in 2K. Some believed it would be an optional free DLC and others, believed it was just a matter of a price. That question has been answered and it’s a free part of the game that’s expected to bring the ladies to a bigger stage.

NBA2K20 captured the essence of the WNBA and left nothing to chance.

This mode is expected to capture the essence of the WNBA but there aren’t any specific trophies to earn using the WNBA in the quick play or season modes. Which, are the only ways to use the WNBA as of now. If you’re expecting to take control as a GM, you’re going to have to wait.

The WNBA portion of the game does not have a Create-A-Player version either. But it’s still worth playing as NBA2K has put the WNBA at the forefront of their game.

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