Boxing Apocalypse PSVR game greenlit for Nov. 20 release

Gotham City Films announced Nov. 20 release date for Sony PlayStation VR

It’s rare for America to get a release before anywhere else, but Gotham City Films flipped the script. The North American release date of Nov. 20 beats out the World Wide release slated for Dec. 11.

The game will teleport players to an alien space prison where you’ll fight friends in a fast-paced arcade-style action combat VR game.

Boxing Apocalypse integrates a unique and precise fighting system that is called very responsive and intuitive. There are also energy shields for quick counter combos, weapons for deadly kills and customizable armor as well as gauntlet upgrades to give players the opportunity to create their own unique warriors.

A campaign mode is also listed to be part of the game where players will fight through five levels of alien hordes to defeat their boss and wear the crown to win the game.

According to the fact sheet about the game, this is the first VR game that has built a seamless Player-VS-Player mode where gamers can battle other players online.

The win/loss records achieved in online will add to the rankings inside of the fight clubs.


•Intense, active and intuitive boxing action

•Skilled boxing combos, Power Punch Finishing Moves

•Energy Shield for Block/Counter Combos

•Multiple difficulty level settings from Easy to Extreme

•Customizable Armor

•Choice of Multiple Weapons

•21 Challenges That Unlock More Weapons and Specialty Armor

•Campaign Story Mode with VR Cut Scenes

•PVP–Online Combat with Other Players

•Win-Loss Record

•Online and Live Tournaments

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