Breach coming to Steam Early Access

If you’re interested in being a badass hero or vicious veil demon look no further than Jan. 17, 2019 for QC Games premier action title Breach.

This game is considered to disrupt the traditional action-RPG genre by fusing explosive combat, RPG-like depth and a flexible, customizable open-class system.

Breach wants players empowered to build their ideal hero and battle monsters while on an adventure that fuses modern and mythological Earth. If that doesn’t entice you, then you can choose to be an anti-hero and play as a Veil Demon that wreaks delightful havoc on and brings doom to aspiring heroes.

Take a look at these beautiful screenshots from inside the game. It’s stunning.

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The game has multiple classes like gunslingers, chronomancers and gladiators. All of which give a unique play style for all players who want in. The slideshow below shows the hero’s and the Veil Demons.

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“With Breach, our vision is to deliver the best elements of popular genres and bring it into one action driven multiplayer buffet,” stated Dallas Dickinson, President/CEO of QC Games in a press release. “As players dive in, they’re going to choose a class that best fits their playstyle with a ton more options opening as they progress in the battle for control of the Earth. No pressure, though.”

If you’re playing as the Veil Demon, there’s some back story to that one.

70,000 years ago, humanity was on the verge of extinction until a group of Immortals created the Veil, splitting Earth into two realities: one reality that features the Earth we know, and an alternate Earth where mythological creatures thrive. Now the Veil has been shattered and the two worlds are collapsing into each other with catastrophic consequences.

As of now, Breach has special pre-order packages starting at $24.99 but that offer is expected to end with Early Access on Jan. 16.

Breach will enter paid Steam Early Access January 17, 2019, with the Free-To-Play full launch coming later in 2019.


QC Games Inc. is an Austin-based developer of online games. Founded by industry veterans in 2015, QC Games’ mission is to combine proprietary technology, world-class creative talent and best-in-class methodologies to develop great games for the world to enjoy. Their pursuit to realize a cooperative action-RPG experience that blends fast-action, intuitive mechanics, loads of customization and intense playability led them to form QC Games and the birth of their debut game title, Breach.

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