Business Magnate teaser, Steam page available

Get ready for some business as Ambiera develops a new management sim

The first gameplay video of Business Magnate is now available and it’s everything an everyday sim-management gamer could ever want.

Business Magnate is an economic simulation game where players can create companies, design, produce, and sell cars, rockets, tanks, ships, and other things.

If you’re wondering about the platform Business Magnate will be on, it’s confirmed for PC and is also available for sale on Steam.

Players can even run more than one company at the same time and become a tycoon.

There are multiple company types in the game from cars, rockets, tanks, trucks, airplanes, computers and ships. Players can also build offices, warehouses and production facilities among other things.

A sim-management game wouldn’t be worth anything if players couldn’t manage employees or run marketing campaigns.

Business Magnate has an early 2019 release date but development officially began in October.

About Ambiera

Ambiera is an independent software and game development company based in Austria. Best known for its game development tech like the CopperCube game engine, Ambiera also creates games itself from time to time.

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