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Candy Lee on transphobia and being an inspiration

If you’ve been following wrestling the way that many others have for the past few years, you’re bound to come across many personalities on social media like Candy Lee.

It’s been brought up that she’s a transgender woman and those people who bring it up often bring arguments against her being in the women’s division.

For Lee, she’s received her fair share constantly targeted comments aimed at transphobia and the fact that she’s been successful in her career since her Impact Pro Wrestling debut in 2016.

Of course, Lee is able to deal with the negativity with the help of her friends and a little bit of sweetened sass.

“I wouldn’t say [it’s] constant but I have received a fair amount of it,” Lee said. “I deal with it by talking to friends and calling out people for it because I’m going to call you out for it.”

Even with people setting their sights on her negatively it is obvious that there is a message she’s trying to convey.

“My message to people that support me is that you should be who you are and be proud,” Lee said. “You will always have people who don’t agree and that’s not on you but themselves and their insecurities. Just be yourself and push through the negativity.”

Of course, there is an emotional toll that comments against Lee has received. And she’s not shy to admit that it’s upset her.

“Then again, I’ve been through worse in my life and dealt with it a lot, so a lot of what’s being said isn’t anything new,” Lee said. “I just continue to be who I am. Those people need to just enjoy their food and worry about themselves and their own insecurities.”

Outside of that, Lee has become an inspiration to those around her. Whenever she’s being talked about negatively on social media, fans show up and support her in ways that many others wouldn’t understand.

Many throw their stories out there about how Lee has been in impact positively in their lives. Of course, being an inspiration is still weird to Lee because she didn’t think it would happen.

“I didn’t think I’d be inspiring or have people look up to me but it’s nice,” Lee said. “I look back and wish I had role models in wrestling like me to look up to. It means a lot when I get young people messaging me their lovely touching stories and how I’ve inspired them. I try to be a good role model as best as I can but I’m simply being my authentic self and being positive.”

With a lot more going for Lee in her career, the question of where does she go from here is a viable question to ask. Lee says that she hopes for a lot of things including raising awareness.

“Hopefully I can continue to wrestle as much as I can and I’m happy and healthy. I hope to find success,” Lee said. “I’m just trying to live out my dreams but also raise awareness for Trans-people and the whole LGBTQ+ community as a whole. Let people know that they can pursue whatever in life, regardless of who you are, just be your authentic self.”

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