Chio’s School Road anime unimpressive in debut

There are plenty of animes that are coming out in the summer stretch but Chio’s School Road is one of those that deserves low marks.

Despite having appealing comedy and a bit of action early that provided some laughs, Chio’s School Road isn’t going to really hold up against the other new arrivals or the continuing anime.

Expect nothing spectacular from the animation style and the drawings of the characters but that’s not the point of this anime. It’s just full of hilarious moments in the first episode.

For me, this anime is lower on my list than I expected it to be. I’d give this one a hard pass early in the season and check in on it later.

If you’re looking for a comedy this one also falls a little short there too but be wary of the hype train showing you the best parts of an episode without giving you too many details.

Don’t expect me to recommend this anime for awhile unless it changes up.

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