Clockwork Planet

If it wasn’t for Yowamushi Pedal throughout 2017 and well into this year for that matter, Clockwork Planet would have won my Best Spring Anime 2017 vote.

Clockwork Planet, if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend that you do, even now. The anime does it’s best to incorporate new elements of the genre Action, Clockpunk, and Fantasy.

Confused on clockpunk: Here’s a definition

“Clockpunk portrays Renaissance-era science and technology based on pre-modern designs.”

There no idea that an anime based in a different form of the genre would do well, it’s drawing style was far better than Yuri!!! On Ice (yep, I went there). And this anime definitely showed what education can do for you (no I’m not bashing anyone). You have a failing student inherit a high powered automaton and of course, he meets a first-class clock technician.

Miura, our MC for this anime, may have been a failure but he had the gift of hearing far better than anyone else which, of course, made him far better than our first-class technician Marie Bell.

At any rate, the anime focuses on both of them but it does veer off to show us Halter’s background (Marie’s bodyguard) and development of the characters went relatively well.

The fight between AnchoR and RyuZU was pretty well designed especially with the space-time being carved out for them to fight to max without an issue. It was definitely one of the key moments in RyuZU’s development.

I’d give it a higher rating but it’s definitely something that takes time to get used to watching. I want you to  The lack of action in some spots really left a little to be desired but it earned massive points in a new genre of anime.

If you haven’t watched it yet, go for it.

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