Comic Girls Review

Comic Girls was a good anime concept that had promise, it just suffered a bit in development.

It’s been quite a summer stretch with a number of animes’ starting off their shows or resuming their sequels. The anime community has the willingness to show character development within their storylines. This is becoming more of a commonplace now throughout many different animes.

However, it was limited in Comic Girls from the very beginning. Kaos is adorable and everything you would want out of a character, but she was really a pain to listen to due to the fact she kept repeating her issues with writing. Writing is not something that everyone can do, so it’s understandable why she struggled. The season felt as if it was trying to pull her out of the slump that she had put herself in.

The good news is the marginal development when her character bonds to Koyume, Ruki, and Tsubasa. This ultimately led to her final step in accomplishing her goal as a manga artist.

But overall, the anime’s presentation did not leave a great impression, even with twelve episodes.  Without too much to expect from the anime titled Comic Girls, it was a definitely downsize in standards.

I’d rate the anime a 6/10, it’s worth the watch but lower your expectations tremendously.

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