Darius Goodman enters DeKalb County

Darius Goodman enters DeKalb County as an internet blogging sports reporter for the area that provided him with his early education.
Instead of just writing and learning about Lithonia schools in DeKalb, Goodman will reach out to all high schools in an effort to shine more light on the schools, athletes and sports that comprise the Georgia High School Association member schools.
Goodman is a 2011 graduate of Martin Luther King Jr., high school and also completed his collegiate career at South Carolina State University in 2015. From there, Goodman has worked in Henry and Clayton County for the Henry Herald/Clayton News.
With the birth of reporterdarius.com, Goodman has made a commitment to covering DeKalb County as well this year as he continues to evolve as a reporter.
“I’m excited for the opportunity to cover DeKalb County and the schools that comprise the area,” Goodman said. “I’ll strive to provide the same amount of coverage that happens in Henry County to the DeKalb County area.”

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