ELEA is coming to PlayStation

ELEA comes to PlayStation 4 July 25th

Sci-Fi adventure game ELEA comes to PlayStation 4 on July 25th and allow players to journey through space in stunning graphics and realism.

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Since ELEA’s release on Xbox One and Steam, the game has seen several updates but the PlayStation 4 release will come with PS4 Pro enhancements, new visual, audio and gameplay additions as well.

With many improvements from useful community feedback, ELEA received a number of bug fixes, graphical improvements and optimized gameplay flow.

The new PS4 version will see over 200 tweaks and additions to the game which also includes new assets, upgraded lighting and interaction improvements to make ELEA more stunning in a first-person perspective.

They’ve even updated the save system with more progression checkpoints throughout the game.

ELEA comes out July 25th on PlayStation 4 from Developer Kyodai and Publisher Soedesco and is rated T for Teen.

The trailer may be old, but it’s still worth looking at. If it changes, I’ll update it.

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