Revisiting ERASED, the greatest anime robbed by a misguided hype train

ERASED was one of the top anime’s to come out in 2016, it had touching moments, heightened mystery and a complex storyline that often left viewers at the edge of their seat with each episode.

Unfortunately, a late arrival to the 2016 anime listings was something called Yuri!!! on Ice and that’s when everything fell apart for the anime that deserved an award.

The storyline followed Satoru Fujinuma and he even possessed an ability known as “Revival” that sent him back in time a few moments before life-threatening incidents would happen around him. Things turned upside down for Fujinuma when his mother is murdered but the ability that only reverted him a few moments sent him back to elementary school.

It was obvious that mystery was going to be on the table as he began running from the police and things were destined to spin out of control, Satoru was balancing the past and the present multiple times throughout the series.

As with everything, a good villain has to be in place and it had to be someone who viewers wouldn’t really expect to be the culprit either. Each episode was designed to build different from the last and the expectation and fear of a young Satoru running into the killer grew with each passing episode.

While he was in the past, the Satoru who was running from the police in the present was also embroiled in his own battle as the killer knew who he was and was actively working to keep Satoru in a death game that was seemingly inescapable.

However, the potential dead-end that present Satoru faced in the middle of the anime brought on a considerable change in the past. The story drastically swung for the second half of the anime and really pulled the viewer in at the most pivotal moment of the show.

Outside of storyline, character development was good as Kayo Hinazuki was focused on early in the series. Satoru was focused on saving Kayo in the past as the killer targeted her and two other classmates and even learned more about his classmate than he knew when he was younger.

One of the most touching moments in the anime also centered on Kayo and was deserving of an award too as her history and her development was pivotal for how Satoru advanced his search for the killer.

Unfortunately, the story was thrown to the side as Yuri!!! on Ice became a never-ending hype train and usurped ERASED at the very end of the year with an undeserving award.

In case you wondered why I wrote this, it’s because even now nearly two years later, I’m still upset with how the voting went and how ERASED deserved more praise.


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