Fan Guidelines Set for DeKalb Stadiums

Fan guidelines are set for re-opening of DeKalb Stadiums.

Fan guidelines are set for re-opening of DeKalb Stadiums.

Re-opening the DeKalb County Stadiums to fans is set for this weekend beginning on Thursday at Hallford Stadium (Cedar Grove vs. Redan) with guidelines for home and visiting fans to expect upon entry.

All tickets are being sold online via your smartphone at GOFAN.CO which you must show to be verified at the entrance to the stadiums. No tickets will be sold at the gates.

Parents of all schools should receive links weekly from the school principals or officials so they have priority of buying tickets before the general public. Parents will have two days the first of each week to buy tickets until the allotments are sold out. If tickets remain after those two days they will be made available to the general public on GOFAN.CO.

Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students plus $1 service fee per ticket.

Fans entering the gates will be subject to temperature checks and must have a temperature under 100.4* to enter. Masks are required at all times while in the stadiums.

Once inside fans should practice social distancing in accordance with all CDC and Health Department guidelines to ensure the safety of all.

Fans are not allowed on the field or sidelines before, during or after the games. Once your game concludes all fans should exit the stadium and leave the parking areas. Please do not congregate in or around the stadium following the games.

No tailgating will be allowed and at this time there will be no concessions at the stadiums.

We ask for your patience as we try to ensure the safety of all in attendance and the athletes themselves by using these safe practices.

1. Buy Tickets Online with Smartphone (no tickets sold at gate)
2. Temperature Checks at gate
3. Masks required at all times
4. Social Distance
5. Exit stadiums in a timely fashion at conclusion of games
6. No tailgating
7. No congregating in or outside stadium
8. No fans will be allowed on the field or sidelines at any time

Source: DCSD Athletics

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