Gensokyo Defenders out on Nintendo Switch

Gensokyo Defenders is officially out on Nintendo Switch from the Sony publishing label UNTIES and developer Neetpia.

The new title is an unofficial entry into the Touhou Project as Gensokyo Defenders delivers an atypical Touhou Project experience.



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The series’ cute cast will be pitted against incoming hordes on the ground in an action tower defense game.

In this edition, players can choose from more than 15 characters that have a set of three distinct abilities. From freezing enemies in place, building barriers to prevent escape from trap zones or blasting a trio of icy beams to deal extra damage. There is variety including grabbing power-ups from downed creatures that boost players before taking on one of the 19 bosses.

With three difficulty modes and more than 25 stages, Gensokyo Defenders provides a great experience for players of all skill levels. When the going gets tough, seek help from a friend or stranger in two-player co-op via Nintendo Switch Online in the greatest war Gensokyo has seen.

“Neetpia has created a fresh take on the Touhou Project by integrating tower defense with the shooting action Touhou is known for,” said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES in a press release. “The strategic action gameplay will keep players coming back for more.”

Gensokyo Defenders is available on Nintendo eShop for $19.99 USD with English text localization and full audio and text available in Japanese.



For more information, please visit UNTIES official website or follow @UNTIES Games on Twitter.

About Neetpia

Based out of Japan, Neetpia is a “doujin” studio composed of three friends who develop games for fun in their spare time. Their previous work includes Touhou Project fan game Age of Ethanols. Learn more at the Neetpia official website which is Japanese only or follow @neetpia_ on Twitter.


Based out of Tokyo, Japan, Sony Music’s publishing label UNTIES is dedicated to expanding the reach of Japan’s best indie developers. Their name derives from their goal of untying games from specific platforms and sharing them worldwide. For more information, visit the UNTIES website or follow @UNTIES_Games on Twitter.

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