Gurazeni: Bad timed anime

Gurazeni was a great anime chronicling the life of a baseball player whose life was being a relief pitcher. Unlike some of the other anime’s out there, it’s a weird feeling in the back of my mind that Gurazeni was hurt by its timing.

When I heard Gurazeni was coming out and saw the anime fall into the sports genre, I was excited, as I always am with new sports animes. But Major 2nd came out too (and is still going).

Gurazeni fell to the wayside as Major 2nd took over the popularity charts. It came down to how Gurazeni executed.

For many, sports can drag, each episode for Gurazeni was broken into two (sometimes three) substories. However, the characters didn’t have much to be relatable to, outside of the normal days and relationship building. The fighting for their jobs, which is also relatable to people who deal with day-to-day career moments.

Ultimately though, Gurazeni was hurting against Major 2nd and the pacing. It’s worth watching Gurazeni now with a lesser loaded schedule but it’s an anime that had a lot of potential and a lot of dialogue.

It was just overshadowed this year.


  1. Yeah. I mean it really wasn’t your typical sports anime. It delved into real life issues of Major league professionals. I haven’t seen major so I don’t really know what it’s about (it’s in my want to watch list). Oh, wait…I just read the synopsis. Well yeah, shounen sports anime like that will outshine sports animes like Guranzeni Money Pitch. It doesn’t deal with the high tension and suspense.

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