Hanebado First Impressions

As the hour by hour release of Crunchyroll’s 2018 summer anime continues, Hanebado is on the clock as a new sports anime that everyone will have their eyes on. As a bit of an expected overshadow, Yowamushi Pedal will still be carrying on into this next season. This is one you’ll find at the top of a must see watch list based on the drawing and animation styles alone. These styles are what you’d expect from a sports anime and it seems as though no shortcuts appear to have been made in the first episode.

In the opening minutes, an intense battle is shown in the animation. Here one can see the shoes to have some definition and flexing like normal, along with sweat drops that can also be seen dancing across the screen.

Of course with anything sports related, you’ll see the typical, make an object faster situation. In this case, it’s the Badminton Birdie moving fast with an area effect and lining to show some speed as it flies across to the other side of the court.

Badminton is a sport I wouldn’t have expected to really capture my own attention as I just love racing anime’s but this anime has huge promise and would be interesting to watch this season.

Outside of the badminton scene, you can see that the storyline has some huge upsides even with a major reveal at the beginning and end of the episode.

Not much is promised from the side of character development as the first episode left a lot more to be desired. It is highly expected the emotions of characters to play as well as other sports anime do.

NekoDarius Rating: 7/10

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