Harukana Receive anime impressive early

It’s a new day for me to write a blog and Harukana Receive is on the clock. I mentioned before that I love sports anime and this one will be no different. Beach volleyball is a pretty popular sport in the summer and it comes as no surprise that this anime would appear in the summer stretch.

Unfortunately, there may be a minor hiccup in the anime with continuing series’ possibly overshadowing the sports genre like Hanebado another new release and Yowamushi Pedal, a series that is still continuing.

Harukana Receive is also available in Manga form from Seven Seas Entertainment and has published dates set for July and October. The anime adaptation will overlap it’s manga publications. Its first manga was released nearly three days ago.

From the first episode seen on Crunchyroll.com, the anime has a drawing style that may also give it a different feel from that of any other summer anime. I fell in love with the eyes of the characters because there was an uncanny light pattern that just drew me in a bit more than I would have liked to admit.

Don’t expect much from the anime in the first five minutes as the plan appeared to show off the animation style and of course set the story up a bit ahead of it all.

For those who love sports anime and technicalities to things like a mention of an overhand set fault when it comes down to setting the ball on the beach was, in my opinion, an effort to give viewers a chance to learn the differences that Harukana and Haikyu!! have.

Of course, there are some anime’s that have taken the approach of seeing our main characters struggle in a tough situation with insurmountable odds, that’s no different in this anime. Expect a battle with some great animation and camera scenes as a split screen approach will also add to the drama of the fight.

This anime is not going to be a Haikyu!! repeat and I don’t expect it to be that way either but if you have very high hopes for the anime lower them a touch as the first episode was just a setting episode.

Give Harukana Receive a view on Crunchyroll today as the first episode is out now and see how you’d like it.

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