Jennifer Jo Cobb

Her own path, Jennifer Jo Cobb endures

Jennifer Jo Cobb has seen teams come and go over her career but she’s endured through it all

HAMPTON, GA. – When it comes to NASCAR, it’s been a known fact that women have been part of the racing scene since the first beach race in Daytona and Jennifer Jo Cobb is among those women. From owning her own race truck and surviving on a limited budget, she’s just endured everything the sport has thrown around showing her ability to endure in the sport.

Cobb’s ability to endure in the sport shows that she’s just running races in her own way and loving it. I came to finding Cobb and her racing history interesting around 2016. It’s even more fascinating to see how she manages her team and finances at the track.

From the relaxed vibe around her crew to the polarizing smile she produces, Cobb is a driver who catches attention with her sometimes pink truck. At the end of the 130-lap race this past weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Cobb completed all of them. It was the first time in her six starts that she completed the race on the lead lap.

Asking Cobb about being a woman in the sport is almost like a landmine but she’s easily able to avoid it. She doesn’t think about how she’s a female racing against males. Honestly, she doesn’t even think about anything like that when she’s behind the wheel.

Instead, Cobb just weighs her team and her own success against a very different principle.

“I don’t see race car drivers as male and female, we’re race car drivers,” Cobb said. “I am proud of the accomplishment of being a team owner in the sport for as long as we have. I measure our success against everybody and I’ve seen a lot of big names, multi-millionaire teams come and go. I’m just really proud of our team.”

As she’s raced, she’s seen women come into the sport and leave, but with each one, Cobb says that she welcomes them with open arms. Even finds some time to be flattered when people mention she’s a girl. However, Cobb does admit some of the struggles she faced.

Whenever she sees other young girls come in, she says that she’d be more thrilled to see older girls enter the sport because she doesn’t think that age should be a reason to deny anyone an opportunity. She hopes that everyone will see her as a mentor and someone that they can come to.

“So, I welcome it,” Cobb said. “I hope that they see me as a mentor and someone that they can come to and I see that as my duty. I’m here to reach out to if anybody ever needs me.”

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