Island First Episode Review

This is unbelievable a new Simulcast schedule already. It was bound to happen anyways, but so soon. I’m currently writing this as I’m watch the show and it’s officially going to be one of those anime’s. This anime is categorized under the mystery genre and will hopefully impress throughout the first episode.

Island is a Japanese visual novel developed by Front Wing and published by Prototype.
It’s a mystery anime.

The drawing style of the anime is most definitely exceptional for the 2018 lineups of anime’s but I can’t foresee this anime really having a good season. As I’ve never read the manga, the pacing felt a little off from the beginning scene and some of the explanations have left me a little puzzled, to say the least.

Man, that is a friendly cop. And suddenly he ran like I figured he would because he had a lot of leniency in even getting to this point. Alright, so apparently the daughter is definitely having some issues. Looks like the main character who struggled to remember things just remembered someone based on a song.

Why does this anime remind me of a different anime where someone else passed notes through a door and didn’t talk. But what’s up with the memory loss anime and some of these flashback scenes that still don’t make sense yet.

I’ve also seen a little bit of a harem beginning to form early in the anime and that’s hopefully not going to set the tone of what we’re to expect. But if it does, hopefully, it’ll take on a Riddle Story of Devil approach where the main character Setsuna has to somehow be alive as everyone else tries to kill him. It might be worth the watch but I’m expecting it to drop down my list rapidly if the story doesn’t adapt properly.


NekoDarius First Episode Rating: 4/10

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