Kickstarter for Time Wanderer Launched

Time Wanderer Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the game on PlayStation 4 and Steam started Thursday.

Collection on Kickstarter will also be used to create an artbook and to publish the original soundtrack according to the press release from Timeless Games Inc.

As of Thursday, the campaign has raised $1,005.

Time Wanderer is a going to be a top-down 2D sci-fi action Role-Playing Game with puzzles, combats, and lots of exploration. Players will take on the role of Corina and find their way back to their timeline as you visit different historical settings, such as Egypt, the Roman Empire, and World War II.

Time Wanderer has a lot of unique skills too.

“Time Wanderer is the right title for gamers of all walks of life,” Timeless Games Inc. CEO Sergio Ordoño said. “This Kickstarter campaign gives us the opportunity to launch a game that we put pounds and pounds of enthusiasm into to the gamers everywhere.”

Work on Time Wanderer started in June of 2017. Since that time, Timeless Inc. has noted that they’ve created the art, enemies’ AI and constructed a puzzle engine for the game.

There is still more ahead as the company is looking to produce the title, add more levels, and include more unique game mechanics.

The game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Steam.

About Timeless Games Inc.
Timeless Games Inc. is an American-Spanish independent video game development studio based in Madrid, Spain. Time Wanderer is the first game of the studio and they hope to develop many more if this one has success.

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