Knighty Night comes to Steam

Knighty Night coming in June to Steam

Get to work on polishing up armor and taking up a blade because you’re going to fight some ghosts. All you have in Knighty Night is your wits and weapon and you’ll be tasked with taking down numerous enemies in the challenging and light-hearted adventure game that comes to Steam June 3rd.

And before you ask, the game is only $4.99.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

Knighty Night is a dungeon crawler game that will pit players against ghosts and traps and for some reason, your trusty sword can unleash devastating fire blasts. But all in all, players will knock ghosts around small arenas and solve puzzles to survive.

Knighty Night Features:

  • 12 levels with 4 unique themes and bosses
  • Puzzles and combat challenges
  • Secret levels and bonus bosses
  • Simple but fun combat

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Mutant Entertainment Studios

Knighty Night developer

Located in sunny Chico California, Mutant Entertainment Studios was founded in 2006 by Clarke Steinback, Kate Stoddard and Jeff Underwood with the goal of producing niche market games featuring deep and compelling game play.

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