M.L. King moves to the top of DeKalb County power rankings

Many programs take to the field each and every week in Georgia and DeKalb County isn’t any different, at ReporterDarius.com, we’ve got power rankings for 16 teams for the rest of the season.

Through a number of mathematical equations and movements, teams were ranked, originally with where they finished in 2018. Throughout 2019, the rankings have been updated but never before released to the public.

For the first time, the only rankings that should matter are these right here.

Since the beginning, M.L. King had slowly made their way up the power rankings board as they’ve continued to show well all season.

The Lions have opened the season with four straight wins, for the first time since 2012.

As the season has marched on, no other team in DeKalb County through five weeks has won every game they’ve been a part of.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Southwest DeKalb (4-1) and Stephenson (3-1) have the next best records in DeKalb County entering this week.

Check out the official DeKalb Power Rankings as provided by ReporterDarius.
No. Team Power Rank Aggregate
1 M.L. King 3.36
2 Southwest Dekalb 3.43
3 Cedar Grove 5.43
4 Stephenson 6.14
5 Lithonia 7.00
6 Tucker 7.71
7 Stone Mountain 10.93
8 Columbia 12.36
9 Dunwoody 13.86
  Redan 13.86
11 Arabia Mountain 14
12 Miller Grove 15.5
13 Druid Hills 16.29
14 Towers 17.29
15 McNair 18.5
16 Lakeside 19.86


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