Mr. Tonegawa Middle Management Blues First Reaction

Crunchyroll came with a major double whammy on Tuesday as both Calamity of a Zombie Girl and Mr. Tonegawa Middle Management Blues both hit the web. This blog will be dedicated to Mr. Tonegawa.

When I was viewing this with my editor, we were both caught off guard at the beginning, mainly, the voice acting from the announcer was bearable and had gotten worse as the episode progressed.

At one point, the question of muting the anime and just proceeding to watch with just subtitles was brought to attention. However, we attempted to troop along through the anime and see what it would provide in the form of entertainment.

Unfortunately for both of us, one a casual anime watcher and the other an avid watcher couldn’t continue to go any further as we neared the halfway point. The animation style was fair and provided a great deal of detail but it wasn’t going to wow anyone by a long stretch.

This one is on the list but as far down as you could imagine. Due to the audio and otherwise confusing tone of the anime at the beginning, this anime gets a rating of 2 on the 10 scale.

I’d say skip it for now.

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