Murder Princess anime sneakily good

A good part of the FUNimation and Crunchyroll partnership is when they move new animes into Crunchyroll, the unearthing of an anime or OVA long forgotten returns.

Murder Princess was a two volume manga that is listed as an original run period from 2005-2007. The anime was released between March 28, 2007 – August 29, 2007 with just six episodes.

It’s a high paced gore anime that really will fulfill the love of blood splatter. This was also a huge swing that incorporated body swapping and strong female characters as well.

Alita Forland is our main character who has to escape from a coup d’état. Which, amazingly enough, she does. From there, it was like watching “Freaky Friday” but with more blood and gore and a lot more of a plot.

It’s worth the watch actually to get a full understanding of the anime and see what it provides.

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