Music Girls leaves much to be desired

Remember that anime Wake Up, Girls!? Get ready for their successor in Music Girls. It took a while to see a return to this genre of anime. The first episode seems to set you backwards on the animation scale and continue a downward spiral that you’re just along for.

There is also a little similarity between this one as the group is having trouble nabbing fans from the start for a concert. Character design is also a little blah for the background characters leaving you wanting more from the artwork. Wake up, Girls! was a better anime and really captured my attention in the first 10 minutes, while with this anime not so much.

The first singing number was also a bit lacking too, the characters dancing was a little unrefined and repetitive as well as the crowd. The isolated shots on characters and groupings during the song also felt unnecessary through the song, but that’s possibly from preference of the artists.

There was a repeated scene with the crowd early too, maybe 30-50 seconds after you see them the first time, meaning the recycled scene wasn’t used without reservation, it was intentionally thrown in there.

There are points when you can’t tell if there is singing happening from characters in isolated close-ups which is another small problem I saw within the first 11 minutes of the anime (that’s actually a huge problem). I wasn’t a fan of some of the freeze frame shots either, it was a bit too early to throw those out there while getting the first episode on the books but I can understand why it happened from an explanation standpoint.

I’d give this one a hard pass despite the cute storyline possibility but check out Wake Up, Girls! instead.

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