Opinion: The Game Awards was just another E3

Look, I love gaming, and I love how busy the game industry was with releasing the information they did. But boy, things took a massive turn to me when we started having “teaser releases” all throughout the last half of the night.

I’m on the East Coast of America. I found out that Persona 5’s Joker would be in Smash Bros. Ultimate… But that wasn’t the only thing. Crash Bandicoot Racing was announced, Mortal Kombat 11 and a few others that don’t come to mind immediately made some late night waves.

But it sure felt like an extension of E3 to me. I don’t know why. It was just unnatural how much like E3 it felt. I appreciated it… But it kinda overshadowed the other awards to me.

Maybe it was an effort to keep people interested in the Game Awards and bring more gamers to it, but if that’s the case. I’d suggest putting it on a weekend in the early evening and run it like other award shows do.

But I’m just ranting and it’s an opinion piece. Hate me for it later.

Written by Darius

Darius Goodman is an alumni of Martin Luther King Jr. High School in DeKalb County and a former piccolo/flute player for the MLK Marching Lions. Upon high school graduation in 2011, Goodman attended South Carolina State University on a band scholarship up until 2015 when he completed his Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication with a concetration in Journalism. Once finished with his degree, Goodman then joined Beyond the Flag a FanSided site. From there, Goodman started his career with the Henry Herald/Clayton News Daily in 2016. Within a few years, he attained a few awards: including company wide social media awards and a Georgia Press Association Sports Coverage award. Now, while balancing Henry County, Goodman is reaching out to DeKalb County.

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