Over-rated Anime List No. 2

It’s another Top 5 over-rated anime list courtesy of my inner thoughts and of course, my emotions. If you don’t care for the list, move along. I went shorter on the capsules for this one because of how cringe-worthy some of the animes were to me.

5. No Game No Life


Dear god, where to begin. The main characters are the way to overpowered for their own good. They never lose and somehow find a way to always outsmart others. Reminds me of someone else.


It’s fitting that people believe that this anime is better than SAO. The only things that help it are the animation, soundtrack, studio oh and guess what, Kirito’s Japanese VO is the same as Soras.
NGNL was just a fan service machine that built on the success (or failures) provided by SAO.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

This anime started out as a great step for anime creators. Studio Pierrot was a studio with a true masterpiece in their corner.

However, just like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online and even One Punch Man, it became over-rated and suffered in the second season. It became rougher and began to stray from the manga content. In other words, it slowly turned into a NARUTO clone.

3. Black Butler

Black Butler.jpg

It was classified as a beautiful and sad anime. It was really soft-core yaoi that couldn’t hold its own plot correctly.

2. Clannad After Story


Why does after story get a number of its own? Well, it too, suffered from being over-hyped and over-rated. Claims that it was a definitive anime for the slice of life romance genre and the fact that it had the Clannad main release going for it was what did After Story in.

Angel Beats did far better before the 6th episode that After Story couldn’t do in an entire season.

1. Clannad


Oh boy, I started the list off with the best anime ever… NOT! This anime makes the list based on how everyone says it’s the ending you want to watch for. The ending was not sad.

Many people recommend this anime and praise it only because it made them cry and nothing else. Usually, the ones who recommend the anime for the crying and then their friends don’t cry, they go on treating their non-crying friends like a monster.
If this was the first romance-like anime you’ve seen, of course, you’d rate it high. Sorry, but it’s just over-rated as well.

That’s all for my list of OVER-RATED animes. This is my second list. Have some comments of my list, leave them below or hit my inbox.

Care for criticism? Leave it below or in my inbox. I accept all comments. Feel like an anime should be on the next list leave it below and you might have it appear in the next list.


  1. I don’t normally do this, but oh my god, that is IGNORANT of you to claim Angel Beats, with its shallow emotional moments and lack of character development, could beat the absolute masterpiece of storytelling that was After Story. Could we have cut out a fee arcs at the start of the season? Yes, definitely. But to claim Angel Beats is better, when by all accounts After Story gives a much better lesson and much more realistic story, is just contrarian.

  2. Oh and before you say it, I watched Angel Beats before Clannad. Clannad and After Story has their flaws, and I am a harsh critic of them (bad pacing, weird solo arcs of side characters), but the overall execution and payoff for the parental themes of After Story is too good to just be written off.

    1. I’m just now seeing these comments. Interesting takes on AB and Clannad. I’m not in a state to respond with a conversation about it all. Thanks for reading though.

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