Persona 5 Anime Mid-Review

Persona 5 was a wonderful game that really set a tone for the anime, even had a great prologue video that showed well for a number of weeks and days. However, from the game came the anime and expectations for the 2018 anime that was highly anticipated came disappointment and anger that was unlike the rest of the Persona anime.

They deviated from the game so much that there are inconsistencies all over the place. It leaves much to be desired for those who expected the anime to come closer to what the game produced. I already know what many reading this might say, it shouldn’t be like the game so that it can be newer to people who haven’t played it or seen it before.

In the first episode, the diversion wasn’t caused by a gunshot during the game if we remember correctly, which is fine, it’s minor to fill what would have otherwise been a little confusing to those who didn’t play the game. The first episode followed the game pretty well too minus the opening diversion scene. Even the part of being in Kamoshida’s castle and being in a jail cell to awaken Arsene was perfectly executed. That was, until episode two.

The palace scenes at the beginning within Kamoshida’s castle find us getting Morgana which follows the game until a montage scene found the three getting to Kamoshida’s treasure. Gamers know that the treasure wasn’t found until after Ann was added to the party. That’s a big and sore thumb to the anime that shouldn’t have been noticeable.

Later in the anime, we pick up Yusuke who’s gotten more screen time than normal to this point of the anime, has been great. Even the funny scene where he asked Ann to become his model is good. But, once again, things got turned a bit to make it different from the game and suddenly we falter a bit and lose the story.

Some of the fight scenes are bad too. The fact of no turn-based is fine and it didn’t seem like it’d be feasible to do as the mid-fight dialogue and strategy ideas show that things are honestly moving fast around the characters too. But the most recent fight with Makoto’s nemesis Kaneshiro was kinda weird. He rapped a lot, which was kinda hilarious and funny to me but also added a comedy effect to the anime that I wasn’t expecting to hear or see.

Episode 13 is the newest episode that’s come out and it centered on the social link with Yusuke Kitagawa that came as a surprise because it felt like an unnecessary filler but it wasn’t, it fits with the anime and game as social links (like other Persona games) are always a huge factor for the main protagonist.

Anyways, I had this anime rated highly nearly two months ago in a Facebook group I’m no longer a part of but since then, it’s just fallen to me because of how much they added to try and make an episode while taking huge leaps in the content that leads to a sense of rushed urgency. I’ve given up on the anime really getting back on track as the day element is also missing and it’s hard to tell where we are in seasons.

NekoDarius’ Mid-Review: 2/10

NekoDarius’ First Review: 8.5/10

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