Persona 5 anime rebounding during the second half

Maybe I’m sitting back and remembering the game and how integral things were throughout the game, however, I was underwhelmed in the beginning with the anime. There were a large number of discrepancies (finding the treasure before finding Ann was one of those discrepancies).

But once the new key visuals came out and the season extended another couple of episodes, things weren’t as bad off. We’re seeing a lot of the main character building bonds with teammates and individuals.

The downside of the character building bonds with teammates and “confidants” is that there are montage shots with no context. Can’t be too upset about it though, the anime can’t add too much as we could be facing a 50 episode series if we followed the game completely.

We’ve seen the story evolve a bit and get back on track with the game as well over recent weeks. I don’t know if it was intended to get back into that level but it did and it’s a pleasurable feeling knowing that the anime is salvaging itself.

Right now, we’re getting to the part where Haru comes into the picture, from the game, I wasn’t too happy with her as she could have been a better asset to team. But I’m just biased to Makoto.

The anime has been pleasant for the most part and I’d still recommend watching it if you’re not into playing the game.

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