Revisiting Chio’s School Road

Hey all of you readers out there, I’ve taken a little bit of downtime lately as I had been working on some other endeavors outside of this blog, like opening a new website for my freelancing career after putting it off for a long time. Basically, I’m not going to bore you with a long monologue just know that I looked at this one as a “why waste time not doing more.” Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

I’ve revisited Chio’s School Road after the initial first episode review I did three weeks ago. After re-reviewing the first episode and watching through it, Chio’s School Road is an impressive take on what I believe is a slice of life comedy.

The first episode really gave viewers a look at an average gamer’s life and spun it so that we follow her along the way to school. Although I’m still unimpressed with the anime’s drawing style, the comedy is often well-timed to keep the anime from falling flat.

Hang in there Chio

The second episode where Chio became Bloody Butterfly was also a unique approach to how the conflict was handled. There was also a little more of a question behind the effects where she was surrounded by fire and subsequently smoke as it died out, but what can I say, it’s an anime.

I did find myself growing a little more attached to Chio at each step of the anime when she continued to play games from night to morning all the way through her daily conversations with other students.

It’s all relatable in a way that can draw viewers in.

Although it’s done better in the through the first three weeks, Chio’s School Road is definitely a C rank anime that will continue to hold its own in the comedy genre.

I will recommend it but only to viewers who are looking for more comedy than action.

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