School Rumble, the rom-com that hasn’t been topped

Anime fans young and old know of the romantic comedy genre of anime, usually provided by an anime that has made a name for itself. One harkens back to the days of Fruits Basket for an older anime but the more recent ones, like Rosario Vampire also pop up.

School Rumble, was in a class of its own during the original run of 2004-2008. Call me biased about it but you just couldn’t beat the pure comedy and confused characters pursuits of love back then.

The love triangle between two protagonists that was originally billed as just Tenma and Karasuma became Tenma, Karasuma and Harima in the first episode.

School Rumble2
I wonder if I looked like this I’d get a girl chasing after me.

Funimation getting their hands on the dubbed edition just kept the series going. Well, until 2009 when the creator ended the series.

None of the main plotlines were settled in the series either but, I didn’t care. The anime was still golden from the very beginning.

Anime lovers who love misunderstood anime’s with plots that are designed to be confusing with a resolution, School Rumble should be watched again and again.

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