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I can’t for the life of me shake the feelings I have about certain anime, it’s always been a review that’s harsh or one that’s so mild I can’t make out my own point, but for a while at least, that’s going to change.

Today marks the first day that I’ll run a series on the site and hopefully, contribute more towards the anime community. Without further ado, the first anime that I feel needs another season is Anonymous Noise.

Anonymous Noise didn’t end

There were a few people out there that watched the anime from start to finish, I was one of them who watched Anonymous Noise every week with the now extinct Anime Strike channel on Amazon.

But from the first episode to the end, the anime kept me wanting to see more, wanting to see how Nino and Momo were going to progress, especially with Yuzu involved.

Progression was great in the series on its first season, everyone grew. Nino had development that couldn’t be ignored. The love interests that were being built up weren’t minor, to say the least, and each episode added to the complexity while taking away from it just enough to keep the story moving.

In the middle of the anime, there was an obvious lull as Nino and Momo seemed to fight each other’s emotions. Briefly, Yuzu became a focus in development as well because he was the one who knew what Momo meant to him.

However, bu the time we reached the end of the season, a few twists led viewers into a cliffhanger. No real closure, no true decision on who Nino selected and if Momo was going to even come back.

Yuzu was left there, and viewers were too about what should have been.

Continuing Manga

The manga version of Anonymous Noise is still going to this point of 2018. Hopes of another season hang in the balance but it’s my hope as well as the hope of anyone else who cares about the Shojo series, that a second season will come. Bring the music too, I want a new album from in NO Hurry.

Written by Darius

Darius Goodman is an alumni of Martin Luther King Jr. High School in DeKalb County and a former piccolo/flute player for the MLK Marching Lions. Upon high school graduation in 2011, Goodman attended South Carolina State University on a band scholarship up until 2015 when he completed his Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication with a concetration in Journalism. Once finished with his degree, Goodman then joined Beyond the Flag a FanSided site. From there, Goodman started his career with the Henry Herald/Clayton News Daily in 2016. Within a few years, he attained a few awards: including company wide social media awards and a Georgia Press Association Sports Coverage award. Now, while balancing Henry County, Goodman is reaching out to DeKalb County.


    1. Very true. Anonymous Noise is one that came to mind very quickly. Especially after rewatching it again. I just can’t help but feel empty

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