Spoiler: Hanebado Catch-up

Hanebado has been good anime to follow through its first three weeks (three episodes). From a good start to the series with the first episode to now, there has been a lot that’s gone on.


Here’s a quick recap:

Our main characters are former rivals, one has an issue with the other because of a costly tournament loss, has been putting others down because she can’t overcome her own loss and has faced an issue of her own. One character has been harboring ill feelings towards the sport and has been putting in efforts to leave the sport. Unfortunately for her, that won’t be possible as the anime won’t be able to progress without her.

Episode 3 really put the differences and similarities between the two characters into the forefront. From a character development standpoint, it’s perfect, despite the rushed pacing the anime gives off.

By now the anime hasn’t been giving up anything graphically but it’s worth noting that scenes within the court are as beautiful as they were in the first episode. Expectations haven’t dropped too much in the anime for now but I do hope to see more battles with other schools, athletes, and players as the season continues.


Three Episode Review Grade: B+

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