STUNNER: Georgia Tech falls to the Citadel in overtime

ATLANTA – The day after Friday the 13th usually brings some form of magic on the fields, whether it’s an upset or a program outperforms expectations, there was plenty to watch out for Saturday afternoon, especially for the Citadel Fans who won 27-24 Saturday afternoon.

It took awhile for a winner to be decided as even regulation, couldn’t contain the end of the upset.

When the fourth quarter of play began, there were a few scenarios that could have played out, Citadel led the Yellow Jackets 21-14 and neither team threw more than 10 passes when the quarter began.

When the Bulldogs’ drive stalled en route to the endzone and they were forced to kick a field goal and missed, Tech drove down the field and tied the game with a Jordan Mason 25-yard touchdown rush at 21-all with 7:29 remaining.

But that’s just how this game set up the thrilling finale.

The Citadel had some offensive progression early and the defense kept Georgia Tech off balance for the most part of the first quarter. Even with some timely pass breakups when Tech quarterback Lucas Johnson went deep, the Citadel looked to be the better of the two teams.

The Bulldogs scored first, in the first quarter after Brandon Rainey hit Raleigh Webb in the open field but the drive was really led by the rushing attack.

Tech’s score finally came in the second quarter. The Yellow Jackets needed just eight plays as they marched down the field 71-yards to the endzone. But the rushing attack floated the program to the endzone ultimately on the legs of Jordan Mason.

Not to be outdone in the second quarter, the Citadel engineered a long scoring drive of 13 plays for 67 yards and Dante Smith did what was needed for the 13-yard score to give the Bulldogs the 14-6 lead.

When the second half started, Tech pinned the Bulldogs on their own four-yard line and made short work of getting them off the field.

The Yellow Jackets’ drive was short after a badly shanked punt gave them very favorable field position. Johnson fired a deep pass to Jalen Camp for their second score of the game. The resulting extra two-point conversion gave fans a 14-all tie.

Citadel came out after the score and managed to engineer another long drive of nine plays for 75 yards to further build their lead. But when Tech battled back to tie in the fourth quarter, everything changed.

The final minutes of the game was tense for the players of each side. Citadel kicked a field goal to get into the endzone while Tech had just 1:38 remaining to drive 48 yards down the field.

The Yellow Jackets needed a touchdown or a field goal to avoid losing to Citadel and they managed to force overtime as Brenton King nailed the field goal try from 34 yards out.

There was nothing else that could be done in overtime, Tech started on the field first, but a missed field goal try set the Bulldogs up for the final score. Citadel moved just five yards from the overtime start position but the leg of Godek, stayed golden.

The 37-yard field goal attempt brought Citadel the win over Tech leaving the crowd in shocked disbelief.

Just the Numbers

The Bulldogs’ offensive numbers showed the team didn’t rely on the passing game, but the rushing attack was everything. Citadel carried the ball 71 times for 320-yards and two touchdowns. The only completed pass of the game was the 30-yard pass from Rainey to Webb.

Tech was a little more balanced, Johnson completed five passes for 91 yards and a touchdown while the ground game was led by Tobias Oliver’s 92 yards. Mason rushed for 78 yards and two touchdowns at the end of the game.

The one touchdown reception for Tech landed with Camp who finished the day with two receptions for 62 yards.

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