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Successful debut for Hawks Talon GC nets four wins Tuesday

ATLANTA – Tuesday evening, the Hawks Talon GC took to the court, virtually of course, during their debut in the NBA 2K League Three For All Showdown and came away with four total victories.

To start off the night, Hawks Talon GC had to play-in their way to the tournament against Team Savage and outscored them 22-19 and 21-13.

But that wasn’t all Hawks Talon GC did. They also dismantled Knicks Gaming by scores of 25-22 and 21-11. The second round of the showdown will place them against Wizards District Gaming which starts Thursday, April 2nd.

This marked the first time that Hawks Talon GC’s starting three took to the court. Michael Diaz-Cruz, known as Bp, who is playing as xXBptzFinestXx. Levi Lamb, known as Lee, who is playing as Lee2k__ and Kwan Niblack, Jr., known as followTHEGOD, who is playing as IKerryL.

“Team chemistry was pretty good,” Hawks Talon GC head coach Wesley Acuff said. “They were communicating and sticking to the game plan, and that’s all you can ask for.”

As far as their debut went in Acuff’s eyes. It was simple as they were communicating throughout the games.

“They played well. They were talking and communicating, and most importantly, they were having fun,” Acuff said. “We enjoyed their unofficial debut, and we’re looking forward to the next round.”

The NBA 2K League ‘Three For All Showdown’ features WNBA and G League ballers, special guests, pro athletes from other sports leagues, the top fan teams from last week’s bracket and some of the top 2K League players. All series aside from the final rounds of each bracket will be played in best-of-three format with the final round matchups being best-of-five.

Fans can watch the streams of the NBA 2K League Three For All Showdown on Twitch and YouTube at 8 p.m. tonight. Hawks Talon GC’s games will be streamed live on the club’s official Twitch channel.

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