Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online

Sword Art Online: GGO was probably the best thing to come with the name since they first started the series in Aincrad (through the first 3 episodes). First, no Kirito was seen throughout the series, except for the whole mentioning of him in the middle of a firefight near the end.

The season just ended and I wasn’t at all too disappointed in what it brought to the table as one of those sequels that I actually saw and really judged it hard. It was hard for me to not want to judge it hard because of how bad SAO had been to me.

With a world of nothing but guns and flying shrapnel, Gun Gale Online was introduced in SAO 2 but this spin-off really took the previous version and threw it out the window, quickly. LLENN, our main character, entered the world and was a devoted solo player who enjoyed being entirely pink and a deadly player killer.

Of course, like most gamers, she became comfortable as the hunter and met Pitohui who joined her for a while and agreed to do battle with her in Squad Jam. Equipped with a pink P90, LLENN was definitely the opposite of most female characters that the anime brought forth. The damsel in distress turned into an indomitable force in the game, but I was left wondering why the first few episodes were done in flashback form as the match was “replayed” essentially on the TV.

For the five episodes, it was a hyper-realistic rewind of the first Squad Jam. I honestly believe that there wasn’t a point for episode 5.5 as her partner M just gives a rundown of events to Pitohui who wasn’t in the Squad Jam fight.

However, the anime took a huge turn to the left when a reveal happened that really caught me off guard about Pitohui. This led to a second trip to Squad Jam that LLENN would have to embark on to save Pitohui.

Of course, there was a lot of action in the anime’s second half of the season as the writer appeared to focus on making the second Squad Jam different from the first in the action aspect.

It was admirable from a viewer’s standpoint because of the repetition that was commonplace within the SAO series finally showed differently. I personally couldn’t figure out why the penultimate battle between Pito and LLENN was happening in the second Squad Jam (even though the stage was set prior to the episode) it was evident that the goal of figuring out Pito’s true nature was necessary for this event.

There was a different feel to this Squad Jam as all characters that came across LLENN sensed her urgency and determination to defeat Pito.

The anime’s season ended rather lowly as the final battle and subsequent scenes afterward leave you with a robbed feeling.

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