The Rolling Girls, suffered due to Kill La Kill’s success

Studios have been prone to releasing more anime in the wake of a different series having more success than anticipated.

Wit Studio was one such company that fell short with an anime right after Kill la Kill.

The Rolling Girls was one such series that slipped with the hype around Attack on Titan and even Seraph of the End. But The Rolling Girls was an anime that really had a lot of similarities to Kill la Kill which just didn’t feel like it matched up.

Kill la Kill featured a number of powered up female lead characters who were able to show well throughout the series and into its finale. The Rolling Girls was a little right with it but ultimately fell shorter than what KlK provided.

Nothing serious.

The animated fights were also pretty good, but there was always a simple issue with the buildups. I’m not trying to make it a problem or nit-pick but there were some definite issues within it.

If you’re looking for a lot of action in the anime, expect a few lulls as there were some episodes that were designated as plot builders, but it just felt really slow overall.

I do suggest watching the anime and gathering your own interpretation of the series but I do hope that there won’t be too many bad reviews about the anime that really pushed the animation limits.

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