Top 5 Over-Rated Anime

This is where my very fun opinion on anime shines, and I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes I’m wrong about an anime. This list is the epitome of one of those, I don’t know HOW you like this anime posts and I’m just venting.

I still have mad love for the anime’s and can take time out my life to still watch them, but don’t expect this list to be nice.

5. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

How did an anime meant to be underrated turn out overrated and downright pathetic? Good question!

While it’s true that it won’t reach the proportions of SAO in Over-rated goodness. Log Horizon is definitely on this list because of the bland characters, setting, and animation.

It resembles .hack more than it does of SAO leaving me underwhelmed in every sense of the word.

LG was better written than SAO though which put this anime down at No. 5 on my list. The character development was also better but SAO has it beat in animation and production wise.

LG is guilty of being boring too.

4. One Punch Man



This anime was designed to be a joke that mocks the other shounen fighting anime’s just for some serious laughs. The art style to OPM is pretty saddening around here. Especially in 2015. Madhouse bombed out with the anime’s art. Saitama is very aggravating, his fanbase is even more aggravating than Goku’s Dragonball fan base.

Did I mention that there wasn’t a legitimate plot? Saitama looks generic as hell. Even Kirito’s SAO outfits were more original. It’s a product of the anime hype machines and OPM is the worst.

3. Attack On Titan


AoT was all the rave and still generates some good buzz. The buzz is even moving over into the next season. The animation style was pretty good. But that’s where the anime ends being good to me.

It has too much dialogue in the series. It gave off a visual novel feel instead of the action series it was billed to be. Let’s not forget Eren Jaeger who is completely useless. He always rants and reminded me of Edward Elric’s growth and development. More people love AOT over SAO but it was no surprise that this anime even made my list.

2. Naruto


The first season of Naruto was perfect. I mean, each character had their own passion for wanting to become a powerful ninja, especially Naruto who had to overcome many strong enemies.

What made it go downhill? The character development has dropped and the fillers near the end were virtually unnecessary.

After the Zabuza Arc, the anime had fallen off as nothing else had been able to reach its arc level. Even though I rated the next anime at No. 1, Naruto is up there with BLEACH in my OVER-RATED list.

1. Sword Art Online


SAO was destined for greatness as an anime. However, imagine that one good movie that just cuts out all the top action scenes and then leaves a little bit of romance between to characters that were rushed. That’s exactly how SAO turned out.

It was a series destined for 100+ episodes just for season one in Aincrad. The change into a cheap harem romance series after the first two episodes with a protagonist who was over-powered and at times aggravating.

The time skips took out a lot of what this anime should have been. Let’s not forget the fun fact that all the side characters are used sparingly in the first season, Kirito and Asuna are the only two who developed throughout the series.

Speaking of Asuna, she came into the anime as a complete tough character who could do whatever she could on her own. By the end of the series, she became the worst character who only relied on Kirito for any form of character development.

As for Kirito, he is far to OP for what he should have been. MMO gamers know there are only some things that you can’t do on your own in MMO’s. He only used people for information, XP, and items. He never really did things on his own but he made it seem like he did.

In conclusion, SAO is an over-rated piece of work that was watered down and could have rivaled Bleach, One Piece and the other animes that continue to keep going over these last few years. It’s a cheap harem romance series that really makes “fans” think it’s something.


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