Under-rated anime Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Did you hear about Pretty Derby, you probably did but you didn’t watch it because My Hero Academia’s new season began and a number of new anime’s caught your attention in the meantime. Pretty Derby, fell to the shadows quickly as a result.

Don’t fret though, you’re still able to catch Uma Musume Pretty Derby if you choose to, it’s an under-rated anime that will have you screaming at your screen hoping the main protagonist reaches her goals. Something that you’ll have to get used to is the awkward names given to the characters, especially if you’re not familiar with horse racing in general.

Did I mention it’s an anime about horses? Well, horse girls with a pretty cloudy “how did they come into existence” explanation. First, don’t expect them to look like horses, they look like girls with full bodies, a tail and horse ears. That’s literally all that separates them from being a normal girl with above average running talent and stamina to run on a track.

Uma 2.png

The anime also has limited male characters to balance out the yuri aspect but it’s definitely an anime that won’t go over the top on fan service which is a good thing.

Uma Musume produces a great and relatable character in Special Week and a supporting cast around her that features some polarizing characters and of course the typical anime tropes. I do admit some of the running events were overdone throughout the series but don’t let that one negative affect your view of the anime.

Uma 3.jpg

There are also a few moments where the character dialogue can seem a bit redundant and the background animation falls short of expectations, however, the dirt flying from hooves and the thrills of capturing the elusive victory made up for flaws.

The post-race concerts that the anime provided was a bit out of place but it was a required element as the girls were, well, idols after all. It’s a good anime to put feelers on for especially for the sports genre. If you’re looking for a cute anime with some sports action added into the middle, Uma Musume gets a seal of approval.

Grade: A-


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