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UnderHero is a delightfully grand game

Over the weekend I sat down with Digerati Studios and Paper Castle Games‘ UnderHero that released last week. With my trusty PlayStation 4, I got to work.

If you didn’t know, UnderHero is inspired by Paper Mario and other RPGs while telling a delightful story.

This game was released on Steam before in 2018 and maintained a good review rating then.

The animation style was, in no other words, cute. You’ll enjoy the fact that it’s a 2D game harkening back to the past days of gaming. Add in the voice acting, or lack thereof, it really just allows you to focus on the game.

The worlds I’ve seen are pretty vast. The first world is really a castle and the way they presented the “main character” of the story was amazing. I won’t spoil that part but don’t expect too much other than a surprise and a twisted story.

Although I don’t rate the games, UnderHero is a good game to me after putting time into it. I do like how the leveling system works, it’s almost like an old school Super Nintendo game in a way. Pick a card and it works towards improving your character.

The dialogue between the characters is a nice touch as well. Although the MC doesn’t really talk much it’s nice to be able to talk to enemies before beating them.

The battle system is nice too. Timing is key, but not a deal-breaker. I can reminisce about the days I played Patapon to get those “Groovy” hits.

Don’t forget though, there is a way to dodge hits and refill stamina while also enjoying the battles that give a turn-based feeling. It’s a good game.

One that deserves some fanfare. It’s probably a step back in time that makes me like the game so much but you can’t doubt the amount of love placed into the game.

Check out UnderHero on your console store.

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