LOCUST GROVE – Druid Hills crossed county line for their first region game of the season but the result was a 25-3 loss.

“What has been hurting us all year has been penalties and turnovers,” Druid Hills head coach Rosaria Rice said. “I told the guys if we didn’t turn the ball over or we didn’t have any penalties, we’d win the game but we did and we lost the game.”

In the first quarter, Druid started the game at the eight-yard line but the drive stalled out and led to an early punt. On the punt, the Red Devils benefited from a roughing the kicker call but Druid Hills could do no more than punt once more.

Luella began the ball with a rush against Druid Hills before Joel Wade intercepted the ball for the first of three times in the game.

The Red Devils used the momentum of the interception to reach the red zone but a fumble by Jessie Borgman Jr. ended Druid Hills’ chance at a touchdown.

In the second quarter with a game still deadlocked at 0-0, Wade made another interception as Luella was attempting to get down the field.

This time, the interception resulted in points as Augie McQuaig knocked the ball through the uprights for a 31-yard field goal.

Augie McQuaig scored the lone points of the night for the Red Devils Friday night. (Photo: Marbeth Cheathem)

“Augie actually gotten beat out in the spring for the position,” Rice said. “Augie has been a staple, he shows up every day and he has a job. So, he’ll come to practice then go to work and then school. He is one of those guys where you love that kind of kid. That is why I made him a captain today. He is going to do everything for the team. He never misses a beat.”

Wade made one more interception in the game before halftime but the Lions were up 6-3.

“Joel is probably one of the better athletes we have on the team,” Rice said. “He’s one of the better playmakers we got. It’s the off the field, stuff that we’re trying to work on. If he can get that squared away too, he’s probably one of the better guys in the county, probably nationally.

“But, no one knows about him, because he hasn’t been eligible until this year,” he continued. “This is a big year for him. He has the opportunity to go play on Sundays. He just has to work on that mentality.”

The game got away from the Red Devils in the fourth quarter as Luella outscored the program 19-0 for the 25-3 final score.

Druid Hills fell to Luella but will get another chance at a win next week. (Photo: Marbeth Cheathem)

Druid Hills (2-2, 0-1) will be playing their next game at home against Woodward Academy on September 28th at 7:30pm.

Written by Marbeth Cheathem

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